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Every meeting is different, and a customized timeline is required, whether the event is virtual, hybrid, or in-person. Let us guide you through the process unique to your project and keep the team on track.  
  • I. Facilitate key stakeholders in determining the vision of the event and defining of a successful outcome.
  • II. Work together to design a program to deliver optimum results.
  • III. Develop a timeline for the event.
  • IV. Manage event timeline commitments and deadlines throughout the process.
  • V. Schedule and run team meetings.
  • VI. Provide weekly updates regarding the process, including vendors, sponsorship, technology development, etc.
Linmart Media Solutions


We understand the importance of making every money count. As a result, finding income sources and saving your project money comes naturally to us.  
  • I. Spearhead budget development by outlining strategies to save money and cost of production.
  • II. Increase revenue through innovative, tested approaches in today’sexperiential marketing world.
  • III. Monitor all areas of the budget and report directly to key stakeholders.
  • IV. Ensure all vendors are accountable for negotiated services and are on time and budget.
Linmart Media Solutions


Linmart Media Solutions can assist in developing effective, compelling, and concise communication strategies.  
  • I. Social media communication plans.
  • II. Pre-event attendee communication using a variety of platforms.
  • III. Website content.
  • IV. Speaker guides and training.
  • V. Sponsor and exhibitor outreach.
  • VI. Pre- and post-event surveys.
Linmart Media Solutions


The critical element to a successful conference is sponsorship support, and today’s companies are scrutinizing where their sponsorship monies are spent. We can develop creative, effective, and cost-efficient sponsorship proposal for all your events and same executed by our team.
Linmart Media Solutions


If there is any aspect of our business that has evolved with our growth as a company over the past years, it’s our corporate social responsibility (CSR) From our humble beginning, we understood that contributing to our environment and community was a smart move that has created a virtuous cycle.

  • We believe with a strong and focused CSR strategy, our brand can build significant value and the ultimate purpose of our CSR campaign is to maximize shared value among our organization, employees, customers, shareholders, and our community members. Our social responsibility doesn’t stop with the community, but we also strive for our day-to-day operations to function as true community partner.
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    Production Team

    Nii Amarh Amarteifio

    Chief Executive Officer / Head Of Production

    Gregory Ankrah

    Head Of Artiste

    Christopher Atitso

    Head Of Research / Media /
    Event Support


    Head Of Creatives, Social Media & Production


    Production Head

    Naa Adjely Boye-Sekan

    Sponsorship & Event Assistant

    Resford Sackey (KKD)

    Marketing & Production Executive

    Harry Lawson

    Marketing & Production Executive

    Samuel Dowuona

    Linmart Media Solutions

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